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In-Court Lawyer Referral Bar Attorney Program

Applications to Join the In-Court Lawyer Referral Bar Attorney Program

The Criminal In-Court Lawyer Referral Program assigns experienced "Bar Attorneys" each day to traffic and 11 criminal courts under the auspices of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Lawyers provide assistance for a reasonable fee or a cash bond to defendants who are in need of a criminal defense attorney. Court calls begin at 9 a.m. on Monday - Friday, except for holidays. For more information, contact Vanessa Williams, In-Court Administrator, at 312-554-2072.

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The Courts served by the Program are listed below:

Traffic Court

50 W. Washington, Chicago

First District

Branch 23, 50 - 5555 W. Grand, Chicago
Branch 46, 57, 66, 98 - 2600 S. California, Chicago
Branch 29, 42 - 2452 W. Belmont, Chicago
Branch 35, 38 - 727 E. 111th, Chicago
Branch 43, 44 - 3151 W. Harrison, Chicago
Branch 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 - 555 W. Harrison, Chicago
Branch 34, 48 - 155 W. 51st, Chicago

Second District

5600 Old Orchard - Skokie

Third District

2121 Euclid - Rolling Meadows

Fourth District

1500 Maybrook Drive - Maywood

Fifth District

10220 S. 76th - Bridgeview

Sixth District

16501 S. Kedzie - Markham

Bar Attorney Calendar

Approximately 2 weeks prior to each month, CBA staff will post an assignment calendar for each court showing the names of the bar attorneys assigned to cover each day during the upcoming month. Please see the available calendars below.

Bar attorneys who have a conflict with their dates scheduled need to contact Vanessa Williams at 312-554-2072 to cancel or change a bar date.

111th Ellis Current Month Next Month
26th California Current Month Next Month
51st & Wentworth Current Month Next Month
Belmont & Western Current Month Next Month
Bridgeview Current Month Next Month
Domestic Violence Current Month Next Month
Grand & Central Current Month Next Month
Harrison & Kedzie Current Month Next Month
Markham Current Month Next Month
Maybrook Current Month Next Month
Rolling Meadows Current Month Next Month
Skokie Current Month Next Month
Traffic Current Month Next Month